CITY A.M. Readers Use Horus Health

We have recently been featured in City A.M.'s '10 ways to start the New Year off on the right foot' list! 

Having been described by them as 'Safe and trustworthy CBD from a single source,' it's clear to see why we've become one of the UK's most trusted providers of CBD.

Their listing reads:

"One of the most important factors in choosing where to secure our supplements is trustworthiness. Horus Health is dedicated to providing customers with a safe and trustworthy place to shop for a range of herbal and hemp products. Using trusted manufacturers and hand-picking the products they want to sell, the team at Horus is dedicated to providing information, support and the highest quality products the market has to offer. Enjoy 10% off with discount code NEWYEAR21. Offer valid until 31 January 2021."

Go ahead and take advantage of 10% on top of sale site-wide right now to start the new year in the right way!

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