Herbal Remedies and Home Workouts

Between our busy schedules, demanding social calendars, personal relationships, and if we’re lucky a hobby or two, low level anxiety seems to be the norm at the very least. 

Increasingly we are turning toward meditative activities such as working out, running and yoga to install a sense of calm in our otherwise hectic lifestyles, yet ironically when we engage in these activities the internal chatter becomes overwhelming and we look for distractions elsewhere. 

Well the good news is our herbal supplements can help, and not just with chilling your brain beans, but also with any aches and pains you have in your muscles and joints. 

We all have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) in our body which has tiny amounts of  Cannabidiol (CBD) in it, and plays a role in promoting health and homeostasis. This means that when we take CBD supplements our bodies react to them in a perfectly natural way as our ECS upregulates the relaxation response, and downregulates the pain response. 

Firstly the relaxation response makes it easier to drop into your parasympathetic nervous system, and in this state your body and organs are able to heal and rejuvenate. If you are constantly stressed and buzzing around at a million miles an hour, not only will you struggle to focus when exercising, but when you do it your body won’t benefit as much because your sympathetic nervous system - fight or flight response - is engaged. 

Secondly if your pain response is downregulated you will be able to run further and stretch for longer, and because your parasympathetic nervous system is engaged your recovery times will reduce too. What’s not to like!?   


Here at Horus Health we supply both topical and sublingual CBD supplements which you can include as part of your work out regime, and whether that be relaxing into your yoga practice, getting into the zone for your morning run, or getting stuck into some HIIT in your front room, we’ve got you covered.  


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