Herbal Remedies and Working

Do you find it hard to concentrate? Do you lose focus for no apparent reason whilst working? Do you frequently get lost in your thoughts at your desk, waking up 10 minutes later staring out your window blankly, your mind lying on a beach somewhere in SouthEast Asia drinking a frozen dragon fruit margarita? Yep, us too, which is one of the reasons we started Horus Health… 



If you seemingly have an inability to focus, this can arise from a number of things including stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, chronic pain, and even just from habits of procrastination that have built up over time. 

There are a few things we would recommend you try to help get your head back in the game, get your focus up and your productivity on point…

First? Get exercising. There is no substitute for the natural endorphins that pump around your body and brain after you’ve got your heartbeat up for at least 20 minutes a day. 

Second? Eat well. Your brain is directly linked to your stomach, and if you gorge on sugar and carbs your brain will not only become sluggish and scattery, but it’ll also believe it needs more sugar and carbs to survive. The more healthy food you eat, the more your brain will crave it. Win win. 

Third? You guessed it! Get on ordering some of our finest herbal supplements and integrate them into your daily routine to build focus and productivity. 


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