How Herbal Remedies Aid Better Sleep

To understand whether CBD can improve sleep, it’s best to understand what causes poor sleep in the first place, and there are a whole host of reasons you may be struggling to get some all important shuteye. 

In order to fall asleep and crucially stay asleep, your body and mind need to be in a state of calm. So if you struggle with mental afflictions like anxiety, PTSD and depression, have physical ailments such as chronic pain or restless leg syndrome, have consumed too much caffeine late in the day, or even live in an area with high noise pollution, then you may struggle to sleep. 

If your sleep problems are caused by external factors or related conditions such as the above, our products may be able to help. 

At Horus Health we believe that using CBD as part of a well balanced diet packed with vegetables and herbal adaptogens, you can take positive steps to improving your sleep patterns and getting the important rest your body needs. 


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